Is Maserati Reliable?

2020 Maserati GranTurismo

If you’re on the hunt for equal parts luxury and high-performance on your next vehicle, you may be eyeing a new Maserati car or SUV. From the Ghibli to the gorgeous Quattroporte, there’s little doubt that these legendary automobiles make a statement on Austin highways. But still many wonder: is Maserati reliable? Maserati of Austin dissects the Maserati reliability ratings and more, so you can make an informed decision!

Is Maserati Reliable?

Beyond its high-end reputation, is Maserati a good car? Some major factors at play in answering the question of reliability include the quality of parts and the reliability rating.

    • Maserati Reliability Ratings: The Reliability Index gives averages of Maserati reliability ratings. The brand, as a whole, has scored 774.00.
    • Parts: With a new Maserati, you’re getting components, such as a hand-finished interior, that are sometimes difficult to replace. Austin has OEM Maserati parts to help San Antonio drivers when they’re in need.
    • Service: Maserati dealerships aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, but our service center provides Maserati drivers in the Houston area with informed help on vehicle maintenance and repair.

Is Maserati a good car? If you keep up a maintenance schedule and get service tips from a reliable Austin dealership, you can keep your Maserati pristine!

Is Maserati Worth the Money?

If you’re going to ask the question, “is Maserati worth the money?”, it’s important to explore the ins and outs of Maserati warranty coverage in depth. Here are the coverage options on both new and CPO Maserati vehicles:

  •  New Car Limited Warranty: Any new Maserati vehicle comes with a four-year/50,000-mile warranty.
  • Maserati Roadside Assistance: Roadside Assistance is included on your new Maserati. It helps you with roadside repair, taxi service, and more!
  • CPO Vehicles: If you’re looking to save with a CPO vehicle, you still get a warranty identical to a new one. You can even upgrade to an extended warranty that covers certain parts for up to seven years.

Learn more about Maserati with Maserati of Austin!

Maserati of Austin often fields the questions, “is Maserati worth the money?” and “is Maserati a good car?” That means we’re ready to help inform Dallas-area drivers about Maserati service tips and more. If you’ve been browsing our new and pre-owned specials and asking yourself these questions, contact us today for more Maserati information.